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2018 Black365 Knowledge Bowl Champions from Antelope Valley High School


Alexis Hithe

I am currently a second year at the University of California San Diego as a Visual Arts Media major with plans to go into film production. I used the Knowledge Bowl prize money to apply for a couple colleges. People should sponsor the Knowledge Bowl because it's an opportunity to show appreciation to kids who dedicate themselves to was amazing to realize there was so much history I did not know.

Kevon Lytle

I will be attending California State University, Northridge in the Fall to major in Journalism. Being in the Knowledge Bowl taught me how to study, better manage my time, and become a better team player and collaborator. I think everyone who has the ability to should sponsor the Knowledge Bowl. It gives teenagers like me the chance to discover how great we are and show my greatness to the world.

Jennifer Williams

The knowledge bowl was a very intense experience: I lived, ate, and breathed it. This is one of the few experiences where I have personally seen history come to life and that wouldn't have been made possible without sponsors. Not only does this provide a great family experience, the contestants walk away feeling encouraged and inspired! I still have my prize money from my two championships! There was no way I could bring myself to spend it- seeing as I'm very sentimental. I hope to keep it, along with my trophies. I expect to possibly give it to my children. I currently attend UC Davis. I am a English major and minoring in International Relations and Music. I aspire to go to law school.

Emani Stanford

Participating was so fun! Partly because we won, but even if we hadn't, it was still a fun experience. I saved my money for the longest time, but ultimately it ended up going toward paying for books. I'm currently attending Northern Arizona University as a biomedical science major (with minors in Chemistry and Japanese). I hope to work in a lab where I'll synthesize and help discover new medicines that revolutionize the current human condition. People should sponsor this event because it is a fantastic opportunity for high school students to gain knowledge about African American history in America. This event fills in the gap for us.

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